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Safely Track Your Medicine Doses

We help you track information about medicine provided to one person by many different caregivers, providing a safe way to ensure consistent care.

About Us

We Help you take care of your family

Critical information about dosing is difficult to keep track of among many parties but MediSure has a created a simple, standardized and secure platform to capture this data and ensure the safety of those requiring care. This is especially important when medicine is provided by multiple caregivers such as shared custody parents, nannies, grandparents, babysitters, schools and more.


Many families rely on multiple caregivers every day to look after their children, siblings, parents – even pets – that require medication.

Create Profiles

Create a profile for each family member, and share their medication information to multiple caregivers.

Track Doses

Track your data for medication doses, administration timelines, and temperature tracking.

Track Illnesses

You can track history of illnesses, outcomes, and notes. You can also include allergies, drug reactions, and more.


Cloud Hosted

Cloud hosted technology to keep your information safe and secure, and available 24/7

Web & Mobile App

We go where you go. You can update and seamlessly link information on either our web or mobile app

Precise Tracking

Capture all important data relating to illnesses, medication, dosing, temperatures tracking, and more

Share Information

Primary caregivers can set up a family account , and add multiple caregivers with access to read, update and track information.

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